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His Wife Finally Gave In And Let Him Build This. The Basement Will Never Be The Same Again.

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“My wife won’t let me do it” is a notorious line, sometimes based on truth, other times just an excuse. In the case of user skerley1979, it was unfortunately true. Then, finally, his wife gave in and turned him loose in the basement to build exactly what he wanted. The result? Pretty epic. Check this […]


This Church Can Disappear In Just A Few Seconds. See It For Yourself.

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Have you ever wished you could just disappear? You could if you were a Belgian church. (Well, this one at least. I’m not sure about all Belgian churches.) “Reading between the Lines” is an installation created by the design duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. The piece, which is located in Limburg, Belgium, is made up of […]


She Salvaged Wood From An Unlikely Source To Create Incredible Tables

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There’s a first time for everything, and artist Emilie Boismain of Made by Woodhand took that to heart when she signed on for a massive commission from The Frye Company back in 2014. They asked her to create a series of round tabletops made from salvaged wood, and aside from that, their instructions were frighteningly […]