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Just sayin’: WaPo bureau chief notes Trump met with pope day after gutting programs for the poor

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Here’s something worth noting, according to Philip Rucker, White House bureau chief atthe Washington Post. Did anyone else happen to catch how President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis just a day after he released his proposed budget, which “guts programs for the poor”? Worth noting the the day before meeting Pope Francis, Trump unveiled […]


Living Alone? These Shopping And Cooking Tricks Will Make Life So Much Easier

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If you love flushing money down the toilet and wanting to set your own hair on fire, you should definitely look into living alone. There are few burdens of adulthood more frustrating than buying tons of food and throwing it in the trash along with your bank statement and sanity. This is made all the […]


Congress reaches budget deal to avoid shutdown scenario

, , , , , , , , ,!/nancycordes/status/410546808935288832 Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray held a joint press conference Tuesday evening to announce a two-year Congressional budget deal that would not raise taxes and would reduce the deficit by $23 billion. Compromise was the name of the game, according to both Ryan and Murray.!/ShannonBream/status/410548295552229377!/ShannonBream/status/410548669042421760!/ShannonBream/status/410549158849019904!/EmilyMiller/status/410551441125036033!/michellemalkin/status/410548869781413888 ABC News’ […]


Harry Reid’s answer to crappy jobs report? More unemployment insurance!

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RT @SenatorReid: Our policies have devastated the economy, so Republicans must stop opposing our policies! — L (@OrwellForks) January 10, 2014 That fake retweet is Harry Reid in a nutshell. After today’s sucky jobs report came out, Reid had the nerve to say this: Today's report shows why Republicans must join with Democrats to […]


What’s The Smartest Way You Saved Money On Your Wedding?

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Tell us your most genius wedding budget tip! 1. It’s no secret that weddings can be very expensive. View this image › VH1 / Via 2. But budget-conscious couples (so, uh, most couples) usually find at least one creative way to save money. View this image › 3. Perhaps you had a winter […]