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#SOTUisComing? So is mockery! WH absurd Obama, pen pics slammed with truth

, , , ,!/WhiteHouse/status/427985238992912384 Bless. It isn’t just the State of the Union address that is “coming.” So is mockery! And some truth from citizens. Take it away, Twitter.!/wgstweets/status/428161796831064064!/NoInfidel33/status/428059415200010240!/bradcundiff/status/427989932951756800 Snort. State of the Union? Ha! It’s all about Obama, all the time. Or, you know, his Stompy Foot Pen.!/BrendanBuck/status/427865757360214016!/bradcundiff/status/427864422132883456!/bradcundiff/status/427864731932577792 It’s not funny, […]


‘IRS email backups’: Obama has PLENTY of #ManageableProblems

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#ManageableProblems Subpoenas for Lois Lerner emails — THE Chris Coon (@Coondawg68) September 3, 2014 President Obama earlier today spoke about his hope to shrink ISIS down to a “manageable problem.” After Obama made that statement, tweeters were quick to name many more “manageable problems” that are already on the president’s plate: #ManageableProblems springing $7 a […]