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‘Liars’! AP shames itself with ‘terribly biased headline’ on Senate birth control vote

, , , , , , ,!/redsteeze/status/489479765821509632 This afternoon, Senate Democrats failed to get enough votes to proceed with a measure to overturn the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Here’s how the Associated Press reported the news:!/AP/status/489478582293790720 Ugh.!/baldingschemer/status/489480565230669824 The AP may as well have gone with that. After all, clearly it’s not as if they’re interested in honest journalism.!/BenHowe/status/489483831368757250 […]


‘Ridiculous tripe’: Chris Hayes offers moronic take on birth control mandate debate

, , , , ,!/baseballcrank/status/426806539395948544 Oh, bless his heart. He’s gonna break it all down for us:!/chrislhayes/status/426805099927572480 Excuse us while we bang our heads against the wall.!/philipaklein/status/426806495842668544 Nah. He can’t.!/baseballcrank/status/426807071640530944!/baseballcrank/status/426807964758855680!/charlescwcooke/status/426809113226788864 Intellectual honesty is so overrated. Hackery is much easier.!/BenHowe/status/426807389879549952!/redsteeze/status/426813206141861888!/ConservMidwest/status/426808770123931648!/Dixie_DarlinKY/status/426809099192655872!/ThePantau/status/426807944576258048!/NathanWurtzel/status/426806303705800704 We thing so, too. But Chris just can’t seem […]


Giant birth control pills warn of Hagan challenger Thom #TooFarTillis

, , , , , ,!/TheLadyAdvocate/status/520355383974842369 The outing Tuesday of “Mark Uterus,” super-feminist alter-ego of Colorado Democrat Mark Udall, was a huge hit. It was a great zinger directed at a man almost singularly focused on women’s issues, but feminists of course tried to spin it as a great compliment. Voters preparing for tonight’s debate between North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis […]


Surprise! Sandra Fluke still whining about Hobby Lobby

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@SandraFluke Copulation is our number one priority.. — Warden4572 (@EdB4572) September 3, 2014 It is really sad that the American experiment has devolved into people whining about having to pay for stuff with their own money.  Even worse, we now have candidates and politicians who make it their raison d’être to force one group of people […]