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Bill Nye the Not-a-Scientist Guy takes break from climate lectures to single out ‘least qualified’ gov’t officials

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Bill Nye is speaking at a #MarchForScience event on Earth Day today (no word how he got there since he doesn’t seem to have access to Air Force One any longer), but before that the TV “scientist” had some harsh words about a couple of Trump cabinet officials: Bill Nye: Scott Pruitt and Betsy DeVos […]


Gasoline at $1.679/gallon? That’s ‘Very Bad News’ according to Bill Nye


Bill Nye is at it again, this time calling low gasoline prices “Very Bad News” because“Burning more gas means less time to do something about #climatechange.” Never change, not-a-scientist guy. But it gets worse, Billy: Ha! Nye is also avoiding the good news in all of this: Taxpayers will save money flying him around the […]


9 Of The Weirdest Google Searches About Scientists

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Apparently, there’s a war in the science community. 1. Well, we’re off to a bad start. View this image › Natasha Umer / Via Google View this image › ASU / Via 2. Biologists are kind of stupid, obviously. View this image › Natasha Umer / Via Google View this image › BBC / […]


‘Tone-deaf and sad’: John Kerry addresses Iraq ‘crisis’ at last, royally blows it

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Right now, @JohnKerry is tweeting about the Middle East. Not about Iraq falling apart. But about the ocean. #OceanChat #NotTheOnion #tcot — Shoshana Weissmann (@senatorshoshana) June 17, 2014 Because priorities! As Twitchy reported, this morning, Secretary of State John Kerry and Bill Nye the Not-a-Real-Science Guy teamed up for a Twitter forum about the ocean. […]