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‘Limbaugh hack your Twitter account?’ Bill Maher causes stir with take on Don Sterling

, ,!/SocialAssassin2/status/460882548969967617 “Expected better” from Bill Maher? Oh man, this one must be a doozy. L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks are still dominating the news, but hyper-liberal “Real Time” host Bill Maher apparently isn’t among those calling for Sterling to get the boot. Here’s his take on the matter:!/billmaher/status/460882196476092418 Unsurprisingly, Maher’s musings didn’t go over […]


Bill Maher ‘nails’ it on Western culture vs. Islamic extremism [video]

, , , ,!/donlemon/status/515701439411544064 Yes, we saw it. And granted, we don’t often agree with Bill Maher, but he was spot-on last night when he talked about the difference between “liberal Western culture” and that of Islamic theocracies, calling them not only “different,” but saying that liberal Western culture is “better.” Maher went on to single out President Obama individually for […]


Max Fisher, Vox slammed for their ‘straw man’ attack on Bill Maher

, , , , ,!/AdamKishel/status/521848562406023169 Not only is Vox making a “BS” “straw man” argument, but they’re doing so with a close to 400 word explainer from Max Fisher on how just “one tweet” is the “perfect response” to Bill Maher and his alleged Islamophobia: The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet — […]


Maher: Nobody cares about Saudi beheadings because the Saudis have oil

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Just since Aug 4, 19 people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia, most for non-violent crimes. But they have oil, so those are OK. — Bill Maher (@billmaher) September 4, 2014 Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system is far from perfect, and there is some truth in Maher’s claim that the country’s internal affairs would undergo more scrutiny if […]


‘To distract from Benghazi?’ Bill Maher does economic spin for Obama

New unemployment figures good, got all jobs back Bush lost what wont Obama do to distract from Benghazi??? — Bill Maher (@billmaher) June 8, 2014 Yeah, we know, but deep down Bill Maher must on occasion feel that he’s got to say something to convince himself that the million dollars he gave to a pro-Obama […]


Bill Maher mocks Obama for saying the Islamic State isn’t Islamic [video]

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Sorry Mr President, but saying Isis isn't Islamic is like saying Mel Gibson isn't Catholic; religions don't include just the ones you like — Bill Maher (@billmaher) September 16, 2014 And his fans were not happy: @billmaher that's like saying Jews are peaceful in Israel. — Mirza The Comic (@MirzaTheComic) September 16, 2014 @billmaher Religion […]