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This Whole Area Was A Regular Beach…Until A Wave Engulfed Everything

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A “sneaker wave” is not, as you might think, a swell of K-Swiss shoes. It’s actually characterized as a random wave that’s hugely disproportionate to the rest of the wave train. One second, it seems like a calm day at the beach, but before you know it, you’re in a Kelly Slater surf video. And […]


If A Wrangler Explodes In The Middle Of A Beach And Jeep Doesn’t Care, Does It Still Go Boom?

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So, I own a Jeep. I’ve had it since 2007. It’s been extremely reliable and, with the exception of this strange ticking noise that will inevitably catch up to me, it’s been great. One might even say I love it and all of its 4WD, Jeepy goodness. Now that I prefaced this with some Jeep-loving, […]


A Man’s Daughter Tragically Drowned In 1870. What He Did For Her Still Stands Today… And It’s AWESOME.

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After tragically losing his daughter at a young age, a father decided to give her one final gift. John Cargill, son of Captain William Cargill, lost his youngest to a rip tide in the 1870s. She drowned and, understandably, it broke his heart. So, he used his grief and chipped away at a sandstone coastline […]


24 Reasons You Should Never Visit Mexico


Just don’t. 1. Some people seem to think Mexico is the perfect vacation getaway. View this image › Lyza / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lyza Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico 2. Those people are obviously SO wrong. View this image › Esparta Palma / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: esparta Pie de la Cuesta, Guerrero, Mexico […]