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In 1912, A Horrific Murder Happened In This House…Now It’s A Bed And Breakfast

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You don’t hear much about axe murders these days. Sure, there are plenty of shootings and terrible accidents, but hardly any axe murders. A century ago, however, they seemed to be all the rage. One of the most brutal murders of this variety occurred in 1912 in the small town of Villisca, Iowa. In Villisca, […]


What Happened At This Crime Scene Is The Stuff Of Pure Freaking Nightmares

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It might be difficult for the average person to understand why serial killers do the things they do. More often than not, the “logic” behind the acts is difficult to understand…and the case of Christopher Porco is so intriguing. There was seems to be no rhyme or reason for the violent attack which left one […]