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Is That Art On The Wall At The End Of This Hallway Or A Demonic Shadow Figure?

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Exploring abandoned places might be a thrilling and well-respected hobby, but it’s not without its risks. That’s a lesson one Redditor learned the hard way several years ago while he was exploring an old factory with a group of friends. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); To set the scene, it was totally dark inside the factory. […]


Am I Dreaming? This Park Turns Into An Illuminated Forest At Night.

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Foresta Lumina is a nighttime event in Quebec, Canada that lets people navigate Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook via an illuminated trail. As if seeing the park aglow with colored lights wasn’t enough, Moment Factory, who puts it all together, goes above and beyond to give their visitors an enchanted, dreamlike experience. The trail […]


These Classic Books Were Reused To Make Incredible Art. You Can’t Do This With A Kindle.

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Mike Stilkey is a Los Angeles based artist who has a way with words… and an unusual one, at that. Instead of writing novels, he paints on them. Using the covers of discarded books as a canvas, Stilkey creates beautiful works that bring new life to old art. Not only do they look cool, they […]


Inspirational Man With Cerebral Palsy Creates The Most Incredible Art.

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Artistic talent comes in many different forms, to Paul Smith, his artistic talent came in the form of a typewriter. Paul was born in 1921 with severe spastic cerebral palsy, but one day he learned to use a standard typewriter to create beautiful pictures that from a distance resemble fine pencil or pastel drawings. You […]


Remember That Little Girl From Jurassic Park? You Won’t Believe What She’s Doing Now.

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While fans of her performance in Jurassic Park as Alexis “Lex” Murphy may be a bit saddened to learn that she has not pursued a career in her fictional dinosaur-cloning grandfather’s line of work, any initial disappointment will be swallowed up like a lawyer on a toilet when they see what Ariana Richards is up […]


It Looks Like An Ordinary Piece Of Wood. But Trust Me, It’s Going To Blow Your Mind In A Minute.

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The pictures below are all work of Canadian artist and sculpture Maskull Lasserre who’s breathtaking sculptural work is all about extracting the most delicate anatomical forms of humans, animals and insects from common inanimate objects  such as pianos, doors, books or axes. Check out some of his incredible work below, his eye for detail is absolutely amazing: Maskull Lasserre […]


This Mom Doesn’t Just Make Her Kids’ Lunch. She Makes Art.

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Ivan and Lucas Ming must be the two luckiest kids in all of Singapore. Every day their mother Li makes them wonderful, delicious meals that are arranged to look like their favorite animals and characters from popular culture. Bears, pigs, Yoda, Hello Kitty, they’re all there. If you’re a kid and you like something, Li Ming […]


You Won’t Believe What This Artist Can Do With A Pair Of Scissors And An Hour. Mind BLOWN.

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San Antonio based barber Rob the Original may only cut hair. But he’s a true artist. He’ll sculpt your hair in ways you didn’t know possible, and leave you the envy of every fan in the stadium. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! (H/T: Elite Daily) Supercuts ain’t got nothing on Rob. If you want […]


Those Delicious Food Advertisements? Yeah, They’re Lying To You

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Have you ever wondered why the burger you ordered looks so much less appetizing than it did in the photo on the menu? Well, that’s probably because the photo on the menu wasn’t actually a picture of a burger. The art of food photography is fascinating, and it’s a field in which most things are […]