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This Looks Like A Tiny Closet, But Wait Until She Pulls The Handle — It’s So Cool!

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Paris, like most major cities, boasts some seriously high rent prices. People pay as much as 4,000 euros a month for glorified closets, and if they want beautiful views of the Eiffel tower, they could shell out up to 10 million. To combat this real estate nightmare, one woman decided to take matters into her […]


Living Alone? These Shopping And Cooking Tricks Will Make Life So Much Easier

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If you love flushing money down the toilet and wanting to set your own hair on fire, you should definitely look into living alone. There are few burdens of adulthood more frustrating than buying tons of food and throwing it in the trash along with your bank statement and sanity. This is made all the […]


What This Guy Did With An Abandoned Storage Unit Is Miraculous. Just Wow.

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In 2012 a former storage unit of 30 years went on sale in the uber-competitive Stockholm real estate market. The previous owner had begun a renovation in the 1980’s but fell ill and the apartment was left untouched until his death. But in a city like Stockholm, where any square foot is priced through the roof, […]