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These Divers Encountered An Extremely Unusual Creature In The Ocean

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When you go deep-sea diving, there is a ton of crazy stuff that you can run into. Some of the most dangerous predators take up residence in the ocean, after all. On the other hand, some of the most beautiful creatures in the world live in the ocean as well. These divers ran into an […]


Watch As Two Cubs Meet An Adult Tiger For The First Time — This Is Too Cute!

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In this clip from the BBC nature series “Tigers About the House,” tiger expert Giles Clark from Australia Zoo introduces two rescued tiger cubs, Spot and Stripe, to their first grown-up big cat. The tiger who had the honor of being the first adult that the youngsters got to say hi to was Maneki, a […]


This Adorable Baby Elephant Will Stumble Into Your Heart. I’m In Love With It!

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Kids are always try to grow up too fast, no matter how much we tell them to cherish their youth. They’re all oblivious to how quickly time passes. The rest of us would love to press the pause button, but not kids. Even parents in the animal kingdom can’t stop their little ones from stumbling […]


When This Wild Cheetah Sees The Man Who Rescued Him Years Ago, He Does This!

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Wild animal care volunteer Dolph Volker met Gabriel the cheetah in a South African animal sanctuary over two years ago when the big cat was only 10 months old. The two spent a lot of time together as it was Volker’s job to feed, play, and even cuddle with Gabriel. Eventually, […]


A Dedicated Team In Austria Has Brought A Previously-Extinct Bird Back To Life.

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After 400 years of extinction, Northern Bald Ibises are flying high again. A dedicated group of individuals at Waldrapp Team successfully helped foster a small population of the birds back into the skies. Over the last ten years, Johannes Fritz and his team in Austria have been caring for groups of ibise hatchlings as their human “parents.” The […]


These 20 Weird Animals Prove Nature May Have Been Drunk. The Batfish Will Haunt My Dreams.

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There are countless creatures that inhabit the world with us. Some are awesomely adorable, like puppies, kittens, baby elephants and bottlenose dolphins. Others, however… are not so much. These strange animals must have been created on a day when nature was in kind of a mood, because they just turned out weird. Nature, go home. You’re […]