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The Murder Of Sylvia Likens Goes To Show That You Never Really Know Your Neighbors

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If you’ve ever read Jack Ketchum’s “The Girl Next Door,” you may not know that the novel was loosely based on the horrific story of Sylvia Likens. While the 16-year-old and her sister, Jenny, were staying with the Baniszewski family in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sylvia became the unfortunate victim of sadistic abuse. Only three months after […]


He Tore Open A Moving Garbage Bag And What He Found Inside Broke His Heart

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We’ve all had upsetting days at the office, but this trash collector was totally floored by what he encountered one day. Just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, trash collectors were busy tossing bags from the side of the street into the truck. They were doing the same thing they did every other day, so nothing seemed […]