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A Dedicated Team In Austria Has Brought A Previously-Extinct Bird Back To Life.

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After 400 years of extinction, Northern Bald Ibises are flying high again. A dedicated group of individuals at Waldrapp Team successfully helped foster a small population of the birds back into the skies. Over the last ten years, Johannes Fritz and his team in Austria have been caring for groups of ibise hatchlings as their human “parents.” The […]


‘The most CNN’ thing EVER: Bet you can’t guess what excuse CNN just gave for bad coffee

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CNN continues to cover the issues that really matter to its viewers. Sunday morning, the network recycled a story published earlier in the week about how the quality of coffee is suffering due to climate change. Climate change could lower the quality of your coffee as rising temperatures cause the beans to lose complex flavors […]


Geraldo says topless selfie cost him place on university’s JFK panel!/GeraldoRivera/status/373491238327963648 Geraldo Rivera explained that he was just “harmlessly showing off” when he posted that semi-naked selfie to Twitter last month, but the ramifications of his tweet are still being felt. Could it be that his topless (and nearly bottomless) photo cost him his spot on Duquesne University’s international symposium on the Kennedy assassination? Leave Geraldo alone! […]