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Hikers Could Have Easily Been Killed If They’d Been Any Closer To This Cliff’s Edge

I live in a place that gets very little rain, so when it comes, it’s celebrated. But it can also be very destructive. Heavy rain can result in flooding and it can destabilize the ground in a major way. Mountains can be particularly vulnerable, as people found out recently in China. Heavy rains for several […]


How Controversial Online Charter Schools Push Aside Their Opponents


Thanks to a mysterious legislative mandate tacked onto the state budget, North Carolina will now be home to two new experiments in online schooling. View this image › Don Douglas/Don Douglas It has taken three years, a court case, an appeal, a half-dozen hearings, and a posse of lobbyists, but controversial education company K12 Inc. […]


Tom Arnold pitches his new show: “You will know for sure there is a pee-pee tape”

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Actor and comedian (that’s what the Entertainment Weekly article calls him anyway) Tom Arnold has been pretty feisty lately, picking fights online with people like Ben Shaprio and Dave Rubin and James Woods, but his unhinged rants haven’t kept him off CNN. Now Arnold is on the Television Critics Association’s press tour to promote his new Viceland […]


Bad taste: Seattle restaurant offers dining discount to celebrate O-care rollout!/coastalkitchen/status/385106228893847553 “Affordable fare”? Ugh. No thanks, Coastal Kitchen. We’ve lost our appetites. *** Related: Surprise! Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don’t work; a total mess ‘I’m going to have to cook some meth’: ‘Affordable care’ plans not so affordable Hilarious! DNC touts ‘what affordable care looks like’; Citizens: Fixed it for you, DNC! [pics] ‘So much for […]