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‘Get help, freak’: Author Jeff Pearlman fights ‘objectification’ by saying FNC women dress ‘as hookers’

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What did best-selling author Jeff Pearlman say that was so bad? Oh, just this:

But he didn’t mean it. Honest!

See? He’s actually defending female journalists from sexist boors!

Isn’t he, though?

OK, buddy.

It really isn’t, Jeff. In fact, you’re making it worse.

Hey, Jeff … you’re doing it wrong.


We’d pay good money to watch that.

Well, judging from some of Pearlman’s other tweets, he’s been behind for a while:

Apparently. Ace of Spades blogger Gabriel Malor dug these up:

Uhhh …

Just a wee bit. And seriously, for a guy who claims to be so upsetabout the objectification of women, he sure likes objectifying them:


And then there’s this one:

Good Lord.

He could’ve saved himself a lotta trouble had he just kept his freakiness to himself.

Hindsight’s 20/20, pal.