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‘Enchantment under the Hairplugs’: Joe Biden invited to prom


Calling him the “most delightful man in America” a high school student in Connecticut wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden inviting him to her prom. Biden declined but he sent her a corsage and invited her to the White House. We haven’t confirmed whether her parents have scheduled her CAT scan yet.!/iowahawkblog/status/468446906252034048!/DanaBordeaux/status/468448408487723009!/redsteeze/status/468437225370181633

The invitation even spawned a hashtag game: #JoeBidenPromThemes.!/TheMorningSpew/status/468526596119203840!/RobGeorge/status/468529345414578177!/MuchLuck/status/468533155008233472!/JoanOfArgghh/status/468532167036112896!/CrankyGordon/status/468534134583746560

A story like this demands a comment from the official White House bro.!/TVietor08/status/468435307101446144

Dude. Like totally.



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