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White privilege: T.J. Lane will be brought in alive, might have been set free


PREACH "@cjwerleman: School shooter TJ Lane has escaped prison. He'll be captured alive. He's white."

— Christian ✌ (@C_Morrisonn) September 12, 2014

Yes, that’s Salon op-ed columnist CJ Werleman, the same one who awkwardly tried to cobble together a joke about Ray Rice running Hobby Lobby. For many, though, his tweet about escaped school shooter T.J. Lane being captured alive because he’s white was no joke. Why, some think that’s why authorities “let” him escape.

Hmm @NBCNews how does white boy escape a high security prison? Of course he'll be shot on site in the back right? #questionsuppitynegroesask

— vegasstyleguy (@vegasstyleguy) September 12, 2014


— LaTonya Goldsby (@msgoldsby74) September 12, 2014

White people so crooked & sneaky in this society TJ Lane probably was let free on the low, please Dont believe the media hype .

— brijae,Ty (@Coldass_Ty) September 12, 2014

Because he's white RT “@DaRealNette: HOW THE HELL DID YALL LET TJ LANE ESCAPE PRISON???”

— E (@MzMendoza) September 12, 2014

unrepentant white school shooter in Ohio lives to escape prison, #MikeBrown murdered for nothing in #Ferguson. America, you're fucked up.

— Eddie Utrata (@EddieUtrata) September 12, 2014

They'll apprehend TJ Lane alive after he escapes max prison but they'll gun down an unarmed black kid in the street #makesyouwonder

— Andy Waldo (@FeeLaneLurker) September 12, 2014

Too bad TJ Lane wasn't black. He would have been killed on site and not been given the chance to escape prison.

— Abaddon Expounder (@Louderstill) September 12, 2014

Im not sure how the police didnt kill TJ Lane the first time. Hate to pull the "But if he was black" card but…..

— OG Ray Ray (@GetOutTheRay) September 12, 2014

Cops will shoot an innocent black man but would probably bring in TJ Lane alive smh

— Ed(dy)ward (@Eddyneeds2stfu) September 12, 2014

so you're gonna shoot and kill innocent black people repetitively but let motherfuckers like tj lane live?! @feds @police

— ceaser (@ericbizimana) September 12, 2014

If TJ Lane was black he would get the chair before he even had a chance to escape. But…🐸☕

— Gyalis (@GreenSparkz) September 12, 2014

face it tj lane gone he not gonna be found .. #tjlane them police aint gone try to look for him they can chase down a innocent black man tho

— Dasvant (@DasvantH) September 12, 2014

Tj lane escapes a high security prison but an un armed black man gets shot in the back….ight then America

— Kellen (@Kellen_parent) September 12, 2014

Watch how police calmly arrest tj lane when they catch him … But wanna shoot a innocent black teen

— ✖️#NoLackin✖️ (@1scoobyyy) September 12, 2014

The police probably wont shoot tj lane, but theyll shoot a black kid six times for stealing some cigarillos

— Ryan Walton '17 (@ryanwwalton) September 12, 2014

If the police wanna kill people, they need to kill tj lane.. Not Michael brown.

— Neil Hartnett (@Nike_Neil23) September 12, 2014



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