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Michael Moore blasts retailers that are open for business on Thanksgiving

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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is calling for a Thanksgiving Day boycott on chain stores that are open for business today.

He’s not the only one who is unhappy:!/WhitneySandefur/status/406001249570414592!/STR8_KILLER/status/405990677928230912!/AuzzieBakes/status/405984491216175104!/Sabreenabee/status/405958373905948673!/_saraellen/status/405912710816497664!/jbiedrzycki45/status/405896580320223233!/kristinpuhl/status/405990220610285568!/Aaengelhart/status/405842789218271232

On the other hand, not everyone who has to work today is upset about it:!/tatumchambers/status/405904650316283904!/__Beeyouteeful/status/406000459191562240!/ktowngamblr/status/405999879219998721

A poignant reminder: “there are soldiers deployed around the world who will spend their Thanksgiving maneuvering around IEDs trying to avoid being shot. Pardon me if I don’t have a spare tear to shed for the Walmart cashier who has to settle for Thanksgiving leftovers.”

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