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UK Model takes heat ‘like a boss’ after similarly-named Brazilian scores own goal


The 2014 World Cup kicked off today, and Brazil’s Marcelo Vieira had the honor of scoring the first goal. Unfortunately, it was an own goal. Whoops.

Needless to say, some people were pretty pissed about it, and they took to Twitter to slap Marcelo around. But as it turns out, they made a pretty big blunder of their own:!/Marcello/status/477184074172612608

Yeah … they got the wrong guy. See, that’s Marcello Ferri, a London-based fitness model. And even though he had nothing to do with Brazil’s mistake, he still got punished for it. Quite harshly, in fact:!/CuteNiggerDavid/status/477182416726286337!/ZukisaniT1/status/477182477816328193

It didn’t take long for others to jump on the bandwagon, both in genuine anger and in jest:!/Brandon_Dowsett/status/477187371503738880!/RollsReus/status/477189011480805376!/TheEvilHarsh/status/477191613542703104!/Devon1886/status/477193347497746433!/82MarkyMark/status/477193811710730240!/Beijingcasuals/status/477189104388820992


Totes hilarious.!/MJBreezyMarsian/status/477194532501872640!/CathW308/status/477194467460800512!/sristee44/status/477193662397296640!/Ayourb/status/477194371650314240!/Somya100/status/477192171914018816!/MKPS001/status/477189998018428928

He’s definitely been having fun with it:!/Marcello/status/477186935258374144!/Marcello/status/477192184853434368!/Marcello/status/477204265262653440

That’s how it’s done.!/melstrats/status/477193625827545088