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Woman Makes Smoothie From Placenta In Bloodied-Up Kitchen Because Life Is Nasty

Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for new mothers to eat their placentas after giving birth.

That said, it’s still pretty gross — not to mention that it isn’t exactly as safe as some may think. Just last year, an infant tested positive for a bacterium that can cause sepsis, pneumonia, and even meningitis in babies after his mom ingested hers in the form of pills.

The organ can be eaten in several different forms, including being dried and packed into pills, being cooked like a steak, or a much more disgusting way — raw, still bloody, and blended up into a nice tall glass of nasty.

The latter is the route this mom decided to take. Her mother was given the fun task of preparing the tasty treat, complete with part of the umbilical cord still attached.

To sweeten it up a bit, she added bananas, strawberries, yogurt, and honey. Delicious, right?

YouTube / Corrine Fuchs

Then, making sure to pour in all the excess blood, she fired up that blender and made the most disgusting smoothie ever.

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