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Gawker writer: Climate-denying ‘malcontents’ should be arrested

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In this crazy, chaotic world, it’s comforting to know that we can at least count on Gawker to keep us grounded in logic.

We kid, of course:!/Neal_Dewing/status/449633975150346240

A little harsh (not to mention disturbing)? Yeah, maybe. But, well, it also happens to be kind of accurate:!/AdamWeinstein/status/449620737750335488

But let him be clear: He’s not talking about your run-of-the-mill deniers. He’s talking about the reeeeally evil kind:

I’m talking about Rush and his multi-million-dollar ilk in the disinformation business. I’m talking about Americans for Prosperity and the businesses and billionaires who back its obfuscatory propaganda. I’m talking about public persons and organizations and corporations for whom denying a fundamental scientific fact is profitable, who encourage the acceleration of an anti-environment course of unregulated consumption and production that, frankly, will screw my son and your children and whatever progeny they manage to have.

Those malcontents must be punished and stopped.

Willful, profiteering public deniers of climate change can compare themselves to Galileo all they want, pretending that they’re voices of sanity in a cruel wilderness. But Galileo had science on his side. He had a telescope aimed at the cosmos. Climate deniers have their heads jammed in the sand… or in a barrel of money.

Got that? The science is settled! Punish the climate infidels!!/TorchOWyatt/status/449633432260575232

Oh, we’re guessing the answer is yes. But why sit and speculate when Officer Weinstein and the World Climate Police have plenty of stupid right now?!/varadmehta/status/449637735109001217

OK, fair enough. But even if Weinstein somehow possesses enough self-awareness to know he’s full of crap, there are still plenty of other people who think he might be onto something:!/FilmLadd/status/449638032829063169

Scary, huh?!/hale_razor/status/449635788754407425!/JeromeEHudson/status/449639397840158720

The Scientific Method:
1. Question
4. Arrest
5. Imprison
6. Execute…— Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) March 28, 2014!/Heminator/status/449631550435766272

As a matter of fact …!/lachlan/status/449631758854922240

Three cheers for progressivism!!/DanFosterType/status/449632927375450114

Sounds like the perfect leftist mantra.!/Th0r5Hammer/status/449636894855671809!/Matthops82/status/449636723589652480!/kankokage/status/449640357790097408

Maybe. After all, we’re dealing with criminal stupidity, here.!/TheBrandonMorse/status/449635488454819840!/TheBrandonMorse/status/449635733859352576


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