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When did Clay Aiken become a celebrity? Update: He never was!/KFT1/status/184849830366027776

I'm all in for Clay Aiken for #CelebrityApprentice. Of course, I also voted for him on Idol in Season 2. Lost then.

— janewells (@janewells) March 28, 2012!/holleewoodworld/status/184848568325111810

It seems Clay Aiken made multiple appearances tonight on television. Between Bravo, HLN and Celebrity Apprentice, he becomes more awkward the more he appears on the screen. Yes, the Twitter world had something to say about it, too.

*Video* Clay Aiken on #WWHL: "Until [Kathy Griffin] was making fun of me, she wasn't doing much."

— Matt Cherette (@mattchew03) March 28, 2012

@HLNTV clay aiken is wearing a hoodie#icant

— Olivia LaBorde (@OliviaLaBorde) March 28, 2012

Clay Aiken is a Who from Whoville…he likes like one and we don't kno who the hell he is!

— Gail Weathers (@_liddoboss) March 28, 2012

@THESKORPION: Clay Aiken told Andy Cohen that Rhianna wouldn't make it past the 1st round of AI

— 7-18-1976 (@emotionalCancer) March 28, 2012

Clay Aiken also shaded Rihanna on #WWHL, saying, "Rihanna has some pitch problems for sure." Video:

— Matt Cherette (@mattchew03) March 28, 2012

@rihanna Clay Aiken just said on #WWHL that you have pitch problems, can you please tell him to call me when he has 20+ hit singles thanks

— Amanda Miller (@AMILL30) March 28, 2012

Aiken, until you break records or release an album worth listening to, let’s keep the music advice to the professionals, yes? And you didn’t make Kathy Griffin’s career – you were a mere punchline on her (already-paved) road to fame.