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Tapper trounces Rolling Stone defenders; Has poignant idea for cover [pic]!/jaketapper/status/357876902385553408

CNN’s Jake Tapper offered up that poignant suggestion for a better cover than Rolling Stone’s much-derided, and rightly so, cover featuring a glam shot of the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Even sadder? He received push-back from Rolling Stone defenders. But, no worries: Tapper is up to the task of troll-trouncing.!/jaketapper/status/357877950911229954!/jaketapper/status/357878139587805185!/JonathanDBrown/status/357879608059756545

Wait, what?!/jaketapper/status/357879853002928129


Country star Dierks Bentley isn’t. He is protesting in an, umm, more anatomical way.!/jaketapper/status/357880594849464322!/jaketapper/status/357881800288247808

Careful, Jake! You might be accused of bitterly clinging to freedom.!/jaketapper/status/357881901706510336!/JonathanDBrown/status/357883642120372226

Like Brit Hume said when troll-trouncing as only he can, “look before you tweet.”!/jaketapper/status/357884184091570176

That he did. And shame on him.

Kudos to Tapper for standing up for common decency.


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