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The Future Of Meat Is Here, And It’s Pretty Odd, To Say The Least

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Do you think that it’s a travesty against life that animals are slaughtered for meat products every day? It’s a tough pill for anyone to swallow. While not all of us choose to be vegetarians, those with any ounce of empathy can’t help but feel bad for these creatures in light of the suffering they face.

Well, a new scientific breakthrough has been made that could remedy those feelings. Memphis Meats, a popular barbecue company, collaborated with stem cell researchers in order to create the first “test-tube meatball.” By harmlessly extracting cells from animals that are typically consumed by humans, they created cruelty-free, totally edible meat.

(via Mysterious Universe)

With this technology, we wouldn’t need to end the lives of numerous animals for our own gain. Consuming meat is not only hard on animals, but it’s also hard on our planet. Could this be the sustainable, animal-friendly solution we’ve been looking for?