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These Underwater Ghosts Will Ruin Beach Vacations For You Forever.

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Human beings have made great strides in exploration in the last couple hundred years. The blank spots on the globe are just about filled and space travel is becoming more and more of an affordable reality every decade. Despite this, there are still vast pockets of the sea that are completely unexplored. This makes the sea a hot bed for stories of ghosts and monsters.

Maybe this is just the sort of thing that occurs tangentially with the fear of the unknown, or maybe bad spirits are taking solace in the last pockets of mystery still on Earth. Here are some famous ghosts that live deep underwater:

1.) In 1944 U.S and Japanese forces met at Truk Lagoon, about halfway between the Philippines and Hawaii. Thousands of soldiers, 275 planes and 60 ships sunk into the sea, including one Japanese freighter carrying trucks as cargo. Divers in the area say that sometimes they can hear the trucks starting up and idling, which is of course impossible unless their engines are powered by ghost fuel.

2.) La Salle was a 17th century explorer who wanted to find the Northwest Passage to China through North America. His ship, Le Griffon, vanished somewhere amongst the great lakes and its remains have never been officially found. Boatsman have claimed to see the old ship sailing Lake Michigan, still trying in vain to cut across Wisconsin.

3.) Paranormal Divers is a pretty self explanatory organization who says there one goal is “the search for the unknown.” They sure found it while investigating an underwater cavern which was supposedly once the site of a diver death. This chilling image of a driver’s face mask frame is claimed by them to be the first underwater ghost photo ever taken in history. It was taken just after they heard screaming from the cavern below.

4.) In southern Mexico, there is an underwater cave that holds the bones of ancient Mayans. The locals keep their distance from the watery grave not just because of the skeletons, but because of an old legend about a giant, horse headed serpent who guards them.

5.) Even outside of the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean universe The Flying Dutchman ghost ship is one of the most notorious legends of the sea. Ever since captain Hendrick Vanderdecken spited God by sailing through an accursed storm, there have been sightings of The Flying Dutchman, the most recent recording being in 1942 off the cost of Cape Town.

6.) We all know about the Titanic. Its story has been more than well documented on that two VHS long movie by James Cameron and that song by Celine Dion. But did you know that the victims of the Titanic might actually be hanging around to this day? Several paranormal reports have described the appearance of celestial orbs floating around the wreckage that could represent the spirit ripped from the body through tragedy.

7.) Our friends at Paranormal Divers have also investigated a “weird unexplained light phenomenon” in the water underneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa. The bridge is no stranger to tragedy. The original bridge collapsed in 1980, killing 35. It is also the sight of numerous suicides.

Welp, you won’t catch me swimming around the creepy lagoons in the Pacific any time soon. If you like ghosts and know someone going on a beach vacation soon, give this a share on Facebook.