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White House brings out the human props to push #FightFor15 minimum wage propaganda –

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Today the White House has turned its laser-like focus back to jobs with the Worker Voice Summit, and now that President Obamahasvirtually eliminated unemployment in the country (just ask him), where else is there to go but up the salary ladder? It used to be that you’d only see #FightFor15 signs at union-led demonstrations outside of fast food restaurants, with workers demanding a livable minimum wage of $15 an hour.As it turns out, a handful of cities, including Seattle and Los Angeles, havevoted to make thatdream a reality.

It’s no surprise that the demand that private employers pay a$15 an hour minimum wage is coming from inside the White House, and today presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett and other groups whipped out the #FightFor15 hashtag and some hand-selected sob stories for good measure.

Here’s a 20-second soundbite that explains everything in detail.