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Parents Throw Mock Wedding To Grant Little Girl’s Wish Before Open-Heart Surgery

Many children grow up dreaming about what their wedding day will be like.

And while their naivety may get the better of them, and their eventual nuptials might look nothing like their dream wedding, it’s rewarding as a parent to see your daughter already thinking and getting excited about her future. But while most children have years to wait before they walk down the aisle, 5-year-old Sophia Chiappalone had only one wish before enduring her fourth open-heart surgery: to marry her best friend.

Having already survived three heart surgeries at such a young age, Chiappalone is set to go under the knife again in January. Realizing that her heart wasn’t working as was to be expected, Chiappalone’s mom wanted to give her daughter one big reason to smile before her upcoming surgery. To Mom’s surprise, Chiappalone announced that she wanted to be a princess and marry her best friend, Hunter. With Hunter’s family on board, they set out to make all the girl’s dreams come true by holding a beautiful wedding.

Sharing her son’s marriage, Hunter’s mom shared the heartwarming photos with Love What Matters. You can read her entire post below:

My 6-year-old son’s best friend and ‘girlfriend’ was asked her wish before going into her third risky, open-heart surgery—it was to marry my son. At preschool graduation in May he insisted we buy her a dozen red roses—they had to be red, her favorite color. So, I knew he’d agree to dress up and have a mock wedding shoot for her; and he did. ‘Anything to make Sophia happy, Mommy.’ Just like that, magic happened! My best friend, Marisa, captured the innocent adoration these two kids have for each other on the perfect day with the right light, Sophia in a beautiful dress as they smiled, laughed and played. Sophia may have half a heart, but she overflows the hearts of those around her with joy.

These images are just too cute for words.

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