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If You Love Food Or Design, You Need To See This Instagram Account

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If you love food and pretty things, then Tal Spiegel’s Instagram account, Desserted in Paris, is about to become your favorite thing on the Internet. Based in Paris, Spiegel is both a pastry chef and a graphic designer.

Not only can he create seriously mouthwatering pastries, but he can also make them look completely gorgeous. The result is one of the most delicious Instagram accounts out there. Here’s a small sampling of his work.

A pistachio-cherry pastry that looks like a flip-flop.

A gorgeous chocolate design.

A little lemon sun.

A raspberry meringue.

Another chocolate pastry (because you can never have too many).

We’re not sure exactly what this one is, but we like it.

Snapshots of food uploaded to Instagram can get old really fast, but these are too good to be annoying. It’s also kind of cool that his shoes often make it into the shot. Shoes and food are both popular Instagram subjects, after all. Combining them into one picture might sound awful, but Spiegel makes it work.

A lime and strawberry tart.

Some graphic eclairs.

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We’re glad there’s photo evidence, because they probably taste as good as they look.

A photo posted by Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris) on

It would be so hard to eat this!

Pastries don’t have to be bright to be deliciously beautiful, though.

This one is like a tiny, edible collage.

We’re the first people to make fun of food photos on social media (even though we’re all admittedly guilty of taking them), but when the food looks this good, we can’t blame anyone for snapping a quick photo.

It looks like modern art, but this is bourbon vanilla buttercream, salted caramel, and praline.

(via A Plus, Design Taxi)

For your daily dose of drool-inducing aesthetic pleasure, check out the rest of Spiegel’s Instagram, which includes many more images of mouthwatering and beautiful desserts.