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Help This Festive Four-Month-Old Count The Days ‘Til Halloween. Just A Few Left.

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Jessica and Peter Chavkin of New York created a spooky and appropriately Halloween-themed Tumblr. The couple are posting pictures of their four-month-old, Noah, in fairly intricate and adorable costumes, one for every day before Halloween. In Jessica’s words: “Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Noah is my favorite thing ever, we are celebrating by counting down with a new costume every day until the big day.”

Whether Noah loves Halloween as much as Jessica and Peter is another thing entirely. I also wonder if he will regret this collection throughout his teenage years. Until then, let’s all enjoy Noah absolutely kill Halloween this year.

Day 1: Skeleton.

Day 2: French Bread Thief.

Day 3: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Day 4: Fruit Baby.

Day 5: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Day 6: Viking Warrior.

Day 7: A Groovy Pink Floyd Fan.

Day 8: Is this a Golden Girls reference?

Day 9: Mommy and Daddy decided to take the hit today. Sharknado.

Day 10: Top Gun.

Day 11: Ludacris.

Day 12: Ski bum.

Day 13: Muppet Babies.

Day 14: Where’s Waldo?

Day 15: Tarzan.

Day 16: Monopoly

Day 17: Teenage Mutant Ninja Noah.

Day 18: Risky Business.

Day 19: French Baby.

Day 20: Harry Potter.

Day 21: Troll Baby.

What a truly festive child (with better costumes than I ever have). Only a few days left ’til Halloween, guys. If you want to use Noah as your own Halloween Advent calendar, visit his Tumblr every day until Halloween to see his new costume. I, for one, wonder what he’ll be on the big H. The anticipation is killing me!

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