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These 18 Photos Show That We’ve Always Been Crazy When It Comes To Pets.

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People can be very weird when it comes to their pets. We all know at least one person who has made a Facebook profile for their cat. Or maybe they made their dog wear a matching sweater for their yearly Christmas card. Those people exist. Oddly enough, they have existed for a long time. 

These vintage photos prove that people have always been a little crazy for their pets…

1.) How to balance a relationship and pet care.

SSPL / Getty Images

2.) Something tells me this wasn’t a very rapid ride.

Hulton Collection / Getty Images

3.) “Alright babe, where to?”

Fox Photos / Getty Images

4.) This swan is just upset because it expected a limo.

William Vanderson / Getty Images

5.) This elephant has an urgent call to make.

Jcohn Drysdale / Getty Images

6.) “No pressure, but the whole game is on your shoulders now, Roo.”

Fox Photos / Getty Images

7.) And in this corner…

Imagno / Getty Images

8.) This elephant would have picked a different club.

Keystone-France / Getty Images

9.) This pup was hoping for a hole in one.

General Photographic Agency / Getty Images

10.) This is definitely the cutest caddie ever.

Orlando / Getty Images

11.) “Hold still and say carrots!”

Keystone-France / Getty Images

12.) If this didn’t make the kid smile, nothing will.

Bert Hardy / Getty Images

13.) This chicken dinner is a little undercooked.

Keystone / Getty Images

14.) Everyone’s a critic.

Margaret Chute / Getty Images

15.) Because simply taking it for a walk was getting boring.

Carl Sutton / Getty Images

16.) Sargent Sparky only rides in style.

Hans Meyer / Getty Images

17.) They fit the whole family in for the portrait.

General Photographic Agency / Getty Images

18.) The title match of a lifetime.

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

(via BuzzFeed.)

So the next time your friend buys their cat a $200 hammock, don’t raise your eyebrows or laugh. People have been a little nutty for animals as long as there have been people!