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‘Peak jackassery’! Vox: Americans are too dumb to grasp O-care’s awesomeness

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Yep — and Vox is counting on it.

Last week, Ezra Klein informed us that all those Obamacare cancellation stories were “mostly hype.”, his precious “general interest news site for the 21st century” is hard at work again today, putting us peons in our place:!/OrwellForks/status/461151388014084097

Yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of Vox-er Sarah Kliff’s piece. Have a look:!/voxdotcom/status/461139096291639296

In other words, you stupid Americans are really, really stupid.!/redsteeze/status/461148839098208256!/redsteeze/status/461149153868148736

Of course Americans thinking Obamacare sucks has nothing to do with the fact that Obamacare actually, you know, sucks:!/CarlBrandt77/status/461021068636205056!/jason72835683/status/461071842032111616

Oregon’s working just fine!!/kjhm85/status/460994771503169539!/RobProvince/status/461150426076041216

What Vox was saying is that we just don’t know what’s good for us.!/OrwellForks/status/461158397589454849!/DrewMTips/status/461156838642163712

Peak jackassery … for now. We’ve already convinced ourselves that Vox will find a way to out-jackass itself again soon enough.!/OrwellForks/status/461146889417543680

Heh. Ezra Klein and Vox are free to interpret data however they want to, facts be damned. And we’re free to call them out on their hackery.

For what it’s worth, we rather like this take:!/mm77atl/status/461147772188913664


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