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This Video Of A Teenage Grave Robber Talking About His Work Is So Unsettling

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It’s no secret that teenagers can be an odd bunch.

And I’m not one to talk, since I had some questionable hobbies as a teen (I was a sucker for “Magic: The Gathering,” so there’s that). But some adolescents, and we’re really only talking about a handful here, do some disturbing things in their spare time.

In the video below, which was made sometime in the early ’90s, one teen talks about the ins and outs of his foray into grave robbing. He even shows a few trophies that he gathered in the process. It’s a little on the long side, but even watching the first 60 seconds will give you chills (and not the good kind).

(source: Simon Predj)

I’ve debated whether or not this video is a fake, and honestly, I haven’t come to a solid conclusion. Everything about it seems authentic, all the way down to the kid’s stutter. I just hope it’s fake. I don’t like the idea of someone like this walking around out there.