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These UFO Hunters Filmed A New Kind Of Object That Only Appears On Infrared Cameras

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While most UFOs are puzzling, some UFO hunters are reporting a new breed of extraterrestrial craziness. Back in 2012, a group of dedicated UFO hunters spotted something bizarre in the sky over Laredo, Texas: a triangular UFO that was only visible through an infrared lens.

In a post on the Laredo Paranormal Research Society’s YouTube channel, group founder Ismael Cuellar said that the object could not be seen without the aid of special equipment. The group says they have also ruled out conventional explanations for what they saw.

So is it a UFO or some new kind of government spy plane? You decide.

If this was really a UFO, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I’m actually surprised that we haven’t spotted more cloaked UFOs like this zipping around. The truth is out there. It just might be invisible to the naked eye.