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The Streets Of This Japanese City Were Filled With Foam After An Earthquake

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Since the Fukushima incident back in 2011, earthquakes in Japan have become a serious concern, which is why the earthquakes that rocked Fukuoka last week left residents feeling particularly rattled. At least 40 people were killed by the series of tremors, and many more were injured under the weight of collapsed buildings and fallen debris.

While this tragic loss of life is the most unsettling aspect of all, something else continues to baffle locals.

Strange foam (pictured below) has filled the streets of Fukuoka in the wake of this devastating disaster.


Some believe that a broken pipe might be to blame.


Residents of Fukuoka have much bigger fish to fry, however, after being slammed with more than one horrific tremor.


(via Unexplained Mysteries)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this horrible event. All we can do is hope that life goes back to normal as quickly as possible for survivors.