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They Might Not Add Any Cuteness To Your Morning, But These Zombie Mugs Are Amazing

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As most visual artists can tell you, there are few techniques more difficult than sculpture. Even for some of the most talented creators out there, all bets are off when the dimensions are upped from two to three — which is what makes Kevin “Turkey” Merck‘s oddly realistic zombie mugs all the more incredible.

After spending countless hours on this macabre pottery project, he unleashed his walkers on social media. Thousands of shares later, it’s safe to say that Merck’s brand of terror was an overnight success.

Presumably tired of seeing mugs plastered with psuedo-profound nonsense and cutesy illustrations, Merck used his affinity for intricate sculpture and flair for horror to come up with something a little more grisly.

Once he sculpts each stoneware mug, he adds delicate layers of gory glaze to achieve an effect that has me fully convinced that zombies actually exist and that we should be very, very afraid.

Turkey Merck Pottery

These guys look pretty bummed out, but I guess I would be too if I’d just been pulled from a 2200-degree kiln. Beauty must suffer, friends.

While consumers today are used to buying cheap, mass-produced housewares, shelling out some serious cash for an actual work of art is worth every penny — just ask the people who snapped up every single one of these mugs 30 minutes after they were posted.

As of now, Merck is working on his next batch. Keep reading for more details on how you can grab one for yourself!

(via UFUNK)

The next preorder period for Merck’s zombie mugs will open up in February on his website. If you or someone you love has a thing for the undead, be sure to follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And I suggest that you turn on notifications. If you want to buy one of these mugs for yourself, you’ll need to stay on top of it, since each one is made to order and constructed totally by hand.