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‘Your turn, Cheney’; Upon Thatcher’s death, sickos wish death on Cheney, Bush!/daveanthony/status/321294284311642112

Utterly revolting. And “comedian” Dave Anthony was not alone. Sickos again crawled out of the Twitter woodwork. While some twisted souls grossly celebrated the death of Margaret Thatcher, other cretins wished for Vice President Dick Cheney or President George W. Bush to die.

@daveanthony Patience my friend – we've been waiting 30 years!

— couchtripper (@couchtripper) April 8, 2013

@daveanthony Someone should take HIM hunting

— •ૐ_Buddhist Punk_ૐ• (@_BuddhistPunk_) April 8, 2013

For me, Dick Cheney's death will be more exciting than Thatchers tho. Or Karl Rove.

— Lauren Pespisa (@SplendidSpoon) April 8, 2013

Dick Cheney must feel mighty peer pressured right now. #allthecoolkidsaredead

— Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria) April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's death seems to be getting the response I'm reserving for Dick Cheney.

— Bronston Jones (@Bronicus) April 8, 2013

Reading a lot of people's thoughts online about Margaret Thatcher. That's how we are gonna react when George Bush dies.

— Eleuteria Lima (@flurryheaven) April 8, 2013

i will be poppin bottles when cheney rumsfeld or dubya dies and im sure many around the world r doin the same for thatcher

— MBS SKINNY (@skinny412) April 8, 2013

Thatcher etiquette – do we have to pretend to mourn a "public servant" when Cheney dies?

— jasonwhat (@jasonwhat) April 8, 2013

Come back to me when George Bush or Dick Cheney die, then we can celebrate

— joshua (@_JoshMurphy_) April 8, 2013

@_JoshMurphy_ The day George Bush and Dick Cheney die, im not joking, i will yell so loud wahhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeyy, start parading fleet

— Corney (@DavidPRAldridge) April 8, 2013

On this day that Maggie Thatcher has passed away millions of people collectively wonder: "When is Dick Cheney going to die?"

— Mr. Dixon (@JoeLewisdixon) April 8, 2013

Appalling. And by “people,” you must mean morally degenerate cretins.

Seek help.