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HHS still not saying how many have paid for health insurance plans

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Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services scheduled another conference call Tuesday afternoon to provide reporters an update on the progress of the website.!/philipaklein/status/418099705252298752

The big news, of course, was enrollment numbers. Drum roll, please.

White House count of enrollment under Obamacare:
-2.1M in private coverage
-3.9M in Medicaid
-3M under 26 on parents plans— Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) December 31, 2013!/philipaklein/status/418099849695739904

Note the quotation marks around “enrolled.”!/MaeveReston/status/418106734461210624

So, only 2.1 million have enrolled through the federal and state insurance exchanges combined since October 1. But is that under the administration’s “expanded definition” of enrolled, meaning those who have simply placed a plan in their online shopping cart, or does it mean people who’ve actually purchased health insurance? HHS isn’t saying.!/BrianHughesDC/status/418103302413225984!/JimAcostaCNN/status/418113146159517696!/philipaklein/status/418108317051789313

Confident they’re aware of next steps? Does that mean they’re paid up, or just “poised to gain coverage”?!/philipaklein/status/418103339490885632!/philipaklein/status/418104217761374209

So, what about all of those individual insurance plans that were canceled due to Obamacare?!/MaeveReston/status/418109943527780352!/philipaklein/status/418107795079053313

Really? Really?!/BecketAdams/status/418107962222075904

We might as well wrap this up.!/BecketAdams/status/418111536528232448

The main takeaway from today’s conference call?!/justhefax_mam/status/418122237032816640