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He Went Into a Coma as a Muslim. When He Came Out Of It, Jesus Was There.

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Syrian-born Karim Shamsi-Basha was once a Muslim. In 1992, he had sudden brain aneurysm that left him in a month-long coma. He woke up and miraculously recovered. His doctor told Karim he had “seen very few people recover as you did. You have to find out why you survived.”

After realizing what miracle he experienced, Karim began a 20 year, soul searching journey that led him to one thing: Jesus Christ.

After his recovery, he began reading the Bible. He was immediately struck by its focus on God’s love and grace. By 1996, he was baptized.

“In 2008 I completely surrendered to God,” he said. “Now I can’t get enough.”

He knows God was responsible for his miracle survival and recovery. His family are still devout Muslims, but he remains close with his mother and sister. In wake of the civil war in Syria, he is attempting to get his sister out of the country. His mother is already in the United States.