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Thanks, Obama! Here’s what happened when O-care came up on Thanksgiving

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Did OFA-approved Obamacare talking points put in an appearance at your Thanksgiving dinner? How ’bout Al Sharpton’s “turkey tips” or the DNC’s “cool” O-care propaganda?

For some families, Obamacare at the holiday table was a recipe for disaster. New Thanksgiving tradition: Screaming arguments.

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But Obamacare chatter at the dinner table didn’t just lead to misery. For some, there was family unity … but not in the way Dems intended.!/Donfryer/status/406315684876914688!/Musical_Nurse/status/406277995310366720!/cath4059/status/406250669965074432!/HeavensLane/status/406277275798482944!/JohnQPublicJR/status/406227044805005312!/firefighterCOL/status/406223900347867136!/stmyers1/status/406214950672023552!/AlmostCNN/status/406204928865370112

Dear @BarackObama,
My family and I spoke about Obamacare at Thanksgiving dinner today…we all agreed it stinks.
You're welcome,
Me.— Caroline Craig (@CeeJayCraig) November 28, 2013

Obamacare … bringing families together on Thanksgiving.


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