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Touré defends ‘white ally’ Colbert against racism accusations [video]

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MSNBC’s Touré used the word “racist” and “racism” quite a bit in a monologue today, but this time he was defending a person against the allegation instead of throwing it at somebody.

Touré, who can find a racist around any corner for almost any reason as long as that person subscribes to the “wrong” kind of politics, continued his defense of Stephen Colbert and “white allies” like him:!/Toure/status/453229142893690880

Colbert’s critics just don’t understand satire, you guys!

Besides Colbert, the other person Touré cited as an “acceptable” racial satirist was Sarah Silverman, who also just happens to be a liberal.

Here’s a condensed version of Touré’s view on this issue:!/Illuminatas/status/453231724533927936

Late last month Touré said it’s dumb to be offended by satire, while forgetting about the time he was offended by satire.

Editor’s note: The spelling of Sarah Silverman’s name has been corrected.