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Worried About Your Kids Having Eating Disorders? Check For These Signs Early

If you’re worried about your kids developing eating disorders, this new study says to start checking for red flags as early as age nine. By the time kids are 12, it may be too late to avoid serious consequences.

Many think of eating disorders as being exclusive to teenage girls, but people of all ages and genders can be affected. A new study by Dr. Elizabeth Evans at Newcastle University is urging parents to look for signs in their kids long before they are teens.

Her research shows that kids as young as six worry about their weight. By the time kids are nine, they often begin to show subtle symptoms that hint at a future eating disorder.

Donna was just eight years old when she was diagnosed with anorexia. Through a combination of therapy and calculated meal plans, she’s now recovering. While it’s shocking to see someone so young struggle with an eating disorder, it’s not as uncommon as you might think.

According to Evans, there are five red flags of eating disorders that all parents should be aware of.

She said, “Individually, these thoughts and behaviors may come and go very quickly, but when several crop up at the same time and don’t go away, parents shouldn’t hesitate to discuss their concerns with a doctor.”

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