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Keep your doctor? O-care architect: HA, suckers, if you pay more [video]

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No, really. This happened on “Fox News Sunday” on Sunday morning.!/FoxNewsSunday/status/409690544458039296

Um, what about that whole “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” thing?!/crazycappy01/status/409690867310424064

Bingo. Totally just kidding about that, guys!!/TheLifeofSally/status/409692552330502144

Unbelievable. Yet totally believable since apparently all that we can “keep” with Obamacare are Obama’s lies.!/TxSkirt/status/409692670584295424

Watch and listen for yourselves:!/RNCResearch/status/409698768586420224


Citizens have absolutely had it.!/rogernoriegaUSA/status/409692352085639169!/LibertyCrabs/status/409691195162775552!/Truly_Amazed/status/409691521651191808!/jimtrue48/status/409691318684618752

The Obama administration is filled with lying liars who lie. Hey, they are just following their leader, right?

Actually what Obama said: "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, PERIOD."
Zeke's wrong.
#FoxNewsSunday— Bob (@BobHicks_) December 08, 2013!/dontenroll/status/409698281711616000



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