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Celebs urging the uninsured to #GetCovered don’t earn points for creativity


Many celebs took to Twitter to urge people to #GetCovered under Obamacare.

For people who might pride themselves on being in “creative” fields of endeavor, you’ll notice that a lot of them used “canned” tweets:!/therealTiffany/status/411178686046818305!/rocsidiaz/status/411178674701209601!/TatyanaAli/status/411178680464199680!/CashWarren/status/411178689259638785!/TerrenceJ/status/411178687795826689!/jurneesmollett/status/411178705562910720!/MarlonWayans/status/411178711665635328!/bryangreenberg/status/411182351268720640!/RachaelLCook/status/411182471620100097!/greggrunberg/status/411178693772726273

And of course Kal Penn along with Adam Levine and Fran Drescher have also urged people to #GetCovered. How many of these same people are signing up for it themselves is not known.