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Grab some popcorn: Alec Baldwin vs. NY Post columnist Andrea Peyser

Surprise! Alec Baldwin is worked up about something. What has him in a froth this time? A harsh pair of columns by New York Post writer Andrea Peyser.

On Tuesday, Peyser called the actor a “bloviating blowhard, known to be brutal to flight attendants, airplane bathroom stalls, and terrified minor children” in a column on the arrest of Baldwin’s alleged stalker. Naturally, he responded on Twitter:

You won't find a writer more casual with the truth in all of journalism than Andrea Peyser….

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) April 10, 2012

This morning she followed up with “Swoon! Sigh! I’m a sucker for a man full of Twit.”

Alec Baldwin — my life. My love. My soul mate.

My supersized forbidden fruit!

With passion such as this emanating from every last sweaty orifice of dear Alec’s being, how could I not be completely smitten at the sight of him? I cough. I tremble.

The thin-skinned Baldwin didn’t appreciate Peyser’s snark.

Andrea Peyser, you are as bad a writer as you are filled with self-hatred. Go back to Langan's and bring a Strunk and White…

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) April 11, 2012

To be honest, we’re just surprised he didn’t call her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” Apparently he reserves that particular term of endearment for close blood relatives like his daughter.

Baldwin was also in a snit about reporters trying to interview him about the stalking case.

Outside my apt, "journalists" from the Post camped out to talk to me about stalking. They camped out all day. Wait. Isn't that…….?

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) April 11, 2012

The television crew camped outside my apt said they were with the Today Show. #howthemightyhavefallen

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) April 11, 2012

Gosh, it’s almost like reporters try to report for a living. The nerve!

We’ll be keeping some popcorn on hand to enjoy while we watch this spat unfold.

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