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This Guy Took Soda Cans And Turned Them Into Something Seriously Awesome

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If you love drinking soda, then you probably go through quite a few cans of the stuff.

And of course, all of those cans go straight into the trash or recycling bin. But did you know that instead of just throwing them out, you could turn them into awesome furniture? Instructables user The Science Guy sure did, and he used that knowledge to create a seriously cool-looking table with the old cans he had sitting around.

You’d better save your cans, folks, because you’re gonna want one of these!

He chose this old end table and sanded it everywhere except for the top. This is where he would place the awesomeness later.

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He applied a few coats of chalkboard paint to all of the sanded areas, but any paint or stain would do.

Time to get those cans ready! He chose these for their bright, vibrant colors.

Instructables / The Science Guy

He carefully cut the tops and bottoms off of the cans.

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Then he cut a line from the bottom to the top of each can, leaving him with these metal sheets.

To get more colorful sections, he cut each sheet in half.

Then it was finally time to put those cans to use! He used a spray adhesive to coat the top of the table and began placing each section down, making sure to overlap them to avoid any gaps.

A heavy book helped keep all of the sections flat until they dried.

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How cool is that?

It has a vintage vibe and looks so unique!

I need this table in my life NOW. If you want one and you’re ready to get drinking with me, you can find the full instructions here.