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These Words Collided to Make Something Perfectly Hilarious. Get Ready To LOL.

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Sometimes, by chance, words come together to form something completely new that adds a sweet bit of silliness to your day. I think the best example I’ve seen is at this party store in my area called ‘Discount Party Superstore’. For some reason, half of the word ‘Discount’ doesn’t light up, so at night the sign appears to read, ‘Disco Party Superstore’. I always say that if my friends and family truly loved me they would make all my birthday parties a ‘disco party’. (For some reason, they have yet to throw me one.)

Here are some similar, funny alliances amongst words that will get your goat:

1.) Nice.

2.) Detective Billboard is on the case!

3.) Sound advice.

4.) This janitor had a weird, regretful night at the bar this weekend.

5.) Probably the same thing that inspired Brad to manage meats.

6.) Or Les here to fight fires.

7.) Most guys already know this to be true.

8.) Being raised as a Lutheran myself, I certainly wouldn’t put it past us. We love a good pot luck.

9.) Yeesh.

10.) Another powerful Lutheran slogan.

11.) Couple of old school hip-hop fans sitting on a grassy knoll.

12.) Here’s a Louisiana math equation for ya!

13.) This pharmaceutical company sure knows their market.

14.) I dunno ya’ll, does Richard shop at the Disco Party Superstore?

15.) Written by Brad Slaughter.

16.) This is horrible, but its hard not to picture it.

17.) I don’t think I wanna know what a motor boating ‘power special’ is.

18.) On the set of season 6.

That was fun, right? I try to find stuff like that on long train rides and stuff (I try to distract myself from never getting a disco party). Don’t forget to give this a share on Facebook.