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Govt. for DUMMIES: Kamala Harris gets SCHOOLED on who does and DOESN’T pay for things in America

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Kamala Harris remains committed to robbing from hardworking American taxpayers to give a bunch of freebies to people who don’t do anything but vote for her. Seriously. Either she’s denser than a 20-pound bag of flour on the bottom of the ocean or she’s a disingenuous hack pandering for votes … Maybe a little bit of […]


So much for the Triple Crown: I’ll Have Another officially out of the Belmont Stakes!/ericcrawford/status/211116841156874240 I’ll Have Another has officially been ruled out of Belmont Stakes according to trainer Doug O’Neil. The colt had a chance to become the first horse in 34 years to conquer the Triple Crown, but a leg injury won’t allow that to happen. I'll Have Another's scratch from the Belmont is not only a […]


Obama admin. will deport a whopping 74 Central American illegal aliens

, ,!/RosaFlores/status/498559481358589953 74 deportations! That’s on top of at least 59 deportations that have taken place already. Presumably, the remaining 289,867 or so illegal aliens from Central America will stay here.