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Audit our aching sides! IRS tweets lack self-awareness; Citizens zing!/textilejunkie/status/341375244092731393 Stop! You are killing us! The IRS Twitter account @IRSNews is utterly lacking in self-awareness. The result? Comedy gold.!/redsteeze/status/341415741792321537!/redsteeze/status/341415399402897408 Zing! Yes, what about that one, IRS?   The hilariously ironic tweets continued:!/EEElverhoy/status/341417460538417152!/WTCosner/status/341536101820923904!/KevinNR/status/340155337321619456 Heh.!/BEZAnt/status/341555924554629121 Don’t hold your breath for that one. Last month, the @IRSNews account tweeted a dire warning: […]


I Didn’t Think A Murderer In Prison Could Bring A Tear To My Eye, But This Did It.

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When prisoners are held in solitary confinement they are put in small, windowless cells for 22 to 24 hours a day. The United Nations has denounced solitary confinement as torture. The prisoners experience severe depression, sensory deprivation among other psychological effects. A prison rights group wanted to give inmates locked in a super-maximum security prison […]


Democrats Want Time Limit On War Against ISIS

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“There is no doubt that our current offensive amounts to war, and Congress should take action both to authorize its prosecution and to set limits on that authorization,” Rep. Adam Schiff tells BuzzFeed News. View this image › Iraqi Sunni fighters north of Baghdad. Ahmad al-Rubye / Getty Images WASHINGTON — House Intelligence Committee Ranking […]