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She Nearly Threw Her Grandpa’s Scrapbook Away. Til She Opened It And… WHOA!

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A Redditor discovered this scrapbook in her family’s home. It was musty, plain and almost falling to pieces. To most people, it may look like just a piece of junk that could be thrown away during a round of spring cleaning. She had a feeling it was special… and it ended up being absolutely priceless. […]


Workplace violence: Disneyland employee arrested in connection with dry ice bomb!/mpoppel/status/339805726123896832 Police reportedly have a suspect in yesterday’s dry ice bomb explosion at Disneyland in custody.!/10NewsHunt/status/339806817741836288 The suspect has been named as Christian Barnes, a 22-year-old vending cart “cast member.”!/anblanx/status/339809931492478976!/bob_owens/status/339813688062136320 Barnes is reportedly being held on $1 million bail.