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Awesome Holiday Life Hacks You’ll Want To Know This Winter

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Getting your house ready for the holidays can be quite the hassle (no matter how fun it is in the processs). That’s why online geniuses like Alisha Marie have created some simple, but epic, ways to make the whole thing a lot easier. You’re going to want to remember these tricks the next time you […]


Snort! Can you spot the Obama and de Blasio ‘progressive trend’?

, , , ,!/theoodoraaa/status/425770878606245890 No. No, he doesn’t want to do that, apparently.!/MikeySallzz/status/425733780569993217 Keep waiting!!/cayankee/status/425776111403155456 But … but … Governor Christie or something.!/SBroadie/status/425798384360755200 Petty and progressive. Can you spot the trend? The always genius @ExJon did:!/exjon/status/425853405878177792 Dead-on, sir!!/ChasFlemming/status/425854969061703680 Snicker. Another Twitter user offered up more trend examples:!/SmartSuburban/status/425860068655915008!/SmartSuburban/status/425860733541167104!/SmartSuburban/status/425861729889710081!/SmartSuburban/status/425862192697573376!/SmartSuburban/status/425863221375803392 And […]