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If You Thought McDonald’s Had Crazy Ingredients, Wait Until you See Their Pies.

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McDonald’s is notorious for having some of the craziest ingredients in their foods. People have complained about it for years, but the fast food giant keeps on trucking along, retaining their crown as fast food king across the globe (sorry Burger King). But what they’ve added to their dessert menu is a bit curious, weird, […]


Ex-Obama czar: ‘We need death panels’; Conservatives: Palin was right?!/Doc_0/status/252057238175358976 Remember when Sarah Palin was ridiculed as an alarmist nut job for suggesting Obamacare would usher in “death panels”? The New York Times called the “false ‘death panel’ rumor” a “boogey-man spell” that “resonated with some impressionable folk.” #NYT today: I argue that to truly contain Medicare costs, we need a better way of […]


Breastfeeding Is A Hot Topic, But This Mom Was Banned From Facebook For Doing It!

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Over the past few years, breastfeeding in public has become a matter of national debate. While people don’t seem to have a problem seeing cleavage on TV shows, advertisements, and billboards, many take offense with moms breastfeeding in public. Often, nursing mothers are encouraged to cover their babies or even feed […]


A Student Bought A Dog On Craigslist And Left Him In His Dorm Room To Starve

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Craigslist is meant to serve as an online community where people can buy and sell just about anything, but that doesn’t mean everything should be sold on the site. After avoiding months of pursuits from the authorities, one college student is in a bit of hot water after allegedly buying a dog on Craigslist and […]